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All Natural Kids Fizz

Balance of Functionality and Fun

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Healthy & fun should go hand in hand


Our mission is to make guilt free products kids love.


Healthy shouldn’t just mean leaving bad things out. That’s why, along with using natural ingredients, we add vitamins and minerals in to support growing bones and minds.


We work with nutritionists, parents and kids to make sure we've got the right balance of functionality, flavour and fun!

Logos Apple Berry-02.png

We're made with nothing Noughty and we're proud of it.

Logos Apple Berry-02.png
Logos Apple Berry-02.png
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Don't just take our word for it ... hear what others have to say about Noughty.

Great drink! My daughter loves them. Thank you 🙏 

- Stacy Thomas

Such an awesome product ❤️

- @coolbikesmangawhai

My son loves this [appleberry] flavour! So good to have a better for you kids option available for a treat! 👏

- @celesterearne

Thumbs up from our girl.

- Stacy Thomas

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