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Introducing Noughty.

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Kids love fizzy. Parents love healthy.

Fun and healthy should go hand in hand.

Noughty is the healthy alternative to fizzy drinks that kids and parents love. It’s an all-natural, low-sugar drink that’s made with real fruit extracts and sweetened only with NZ apples, from a very small amount of apple juice concentrate. Each can contains just 2.4g per 100ml of sugar, that’s about half of the sugar in a banana!

But that’s not the only great thing about Noughty.

To make this delicious drink even better, we’ve added a range of the vitamins and minerals that support growing bones and minds.

Sounds too good to be true? Nope - read on!

Benefits of Noughty

It’s super low in sugar

We know kids love soft drinks. But we also know that most soft drinks are packed with sugar.

Sugary drinks might be cheap and fun, but they’re bad news for kids. Drinking just one can of that stuff each day can increase a child’s risk of obesity by 50-60%, and increase their risk of type 2 diabetes by 26%.

Why? An average soft drink contains up to four times the MAXIMUM amount of sugar kids should have per day.

The combination of sugar and acidity is also one of the leading causes of tooth decay in young children. This is usually due to the effect of citric acid and/or phosphoric acid on tooth enamel.

Good news: Noughty is 100% free of these acids!

And while some drinks may contain less sugar, many replace it with other nasties like artificial colours, sweeteners, and flavours. These ingredients have been linked to numerous health issues such as behavioural problems and growth disorders, which means they’re almost as bad as sugar itself.

So, how do you make something that’s low in sugar but still sweet enough for kids to enjoy?

Natural fruit juices and extracts!

We’ve used the natural sweetness of apple juice to make just sweet enough, without adding any extra sugar or sweeteners.

Noughty comes in three awesome flavours: Cola, Lemonade, and Appleberry. Each is flavoured with 100% natural extracts. That means the flavour comes from real fruits or herbs. Artificial flavours, on the other hand, are made in a lab using synthetic ingredients.

It contains added vitamins and minerals

We wanted Noughty to be the smart choice for kids fizz. So we added vitamins and minerals that have been shown to support kids' development.

Just one serving of Noughty provides almost a third of the recommended calcium intake for kids aged between five and nine years old, and 100% of the recommended daily dose of Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin B6, and iodine. There aren’t many fizzy drinks that do that.

We’ve chosen these nutrients specifically for their benefits to growing minds and bones.

Vitamin C isn’t just vital for kids’ immune systems (which is obviously very important these days!). This amazing vitamin is also a valuable antioxidant that also assists with iron absorption, bone development, and proper healing.

Calcium, of course, is absolutely vital for healthy bones and teeth. Noughty contains 200 mg of calcium to help support bone density in growing kids.

Vitamin D is actually produced by going out in the sun, but did you know that up to a third of Kiwi kids don’t get enough Vitamin D?

Together with calcium, Vitamin D is crucial for the healthy development of bones and teeth.

And then there’s iodine! This mineral is required for the normal development of a child’s brain.

Noughty is the fizzy drink that keeps kids and parents happy.

Of course, kids should still eat their 5+ a day of fruits and veggies. But Noughty means you can give your kids the fun of drinking a fizzy drink without the guilt! They’ll also get a “top up” of healthy nutrients.

Healthy and fun. Now, that's one smart drink!

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