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Made with nothing naughty.

It’s hard to find healthy, fun food and drink for kids. The healthy stuff is a hard sell, and the fun stuff is loaded with sugars, sweeteners, colours and fake flavours - and that’s about it. Even sugar-free options are laden with sweeteners, meaning kids develop distorted taste expectations.

Logos Apple Berry-02.png

So we decided to do something about it. 

Healthy and fun should go hand in hand, and our mission is to make products kids love and parents love to give. Healthy shouldn’t just mean leaving bad things out. That’s why, along with using natural ingredients, we put good things in, like vitamins and minerals to support growing bones and minds. We work with parents and nutritionists to get the right balance of what kids need and work with kids to ensure we have the flavour and fun they expect.

Logos Apple Berry-02.png

We’re Noughty and proud of it.

Our Products... 
Logos Apple Berry-02.png
All natural kids soda.
Logos Apple Berry-02.png

Noughty natural soda is packed with vitamins and minerals kids need when growing up. We’ve chatted with nutritionists to make sure Noughty is the smart choice for kids fizz. So we put 100% of the recommended daily intake for kids aged 4-8 years:

·         Calcium

·         Iodine

·         Vitamin D

·         Folate 

·         B6

Sweetened only with NZ apples, it’s low in natural sugars (<2.5g/100ml) and contains no sweeteners or sugar. Free of fake flavours, colours or preservatives it’s flavoured only with natural fruit extracts.

Made right here in New Zealand. 

We know that helping build strong bones and minds are the two key areas of development for children.

Logos Apple Berry-02.png

Noughty all natural kids soda is available in three delicious flavours. 

  • Cola

  • Lemonade

  • Appleberry

Available as single cans, 6 packs and 24 packs.

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